Why A Chimney Pot

Why a Chimney Pot? What purpose does it serve?

That’s a question we are sure most people ask themselves. The easiest way to understand why a chimney cover is necessary is to think of an uncovered chimney as a hole in the roof of your home. This hole allows rain, pests and many other unwanted objects to enter your home.

Here are a few advantages to having a Chimney Pot:

Keep Rainwater Out Of The Chimney

A chimney pot will help prevent rain from entering your chimney.
When water enters the chimney, fireplace dampers can rust and the firebox back walls can start to breakdown and will then have to be repaired. This water can also lead to the liner and actual brickwork deteriorating.

Prevent Excessive Back-Draft

A chimney pot can help solve backdrafting problems.
Backdrafts are often caused by winds that filter back into your chimney. This can make fireplaces harder to light and cause chimneys to smoke.

Prevent Creosote Build-up

A chimney pot can help prevent creosote build-up. Creosote build-up in chimneys can lead to chimney fires or flue blockages. During a chimney fire, temperatures inside the chimney become so high that it can destroy your chimney y and even set the house on fire.

Prevent Birds and Squirrels From Nesting

A chimney cap with a pest screen prevents animals and debris from blocking your chimney.
A chimney cap can prevent animals such as birds, squirrels and raccoons from nesting in your chimney. A blocked chimney is a very dangerous situation that can cause carbon monoxide to build up in your home.

Enhance The Look of Your Chimney & House

It has been said a chimney without a cap is like a house without a roof.

Avoid Costly Repairs

A chimney pot can help to ensure that you don’t have to spend extra money repairing costly brick and mortar work especially in the chimney crown area. A chimney pot will protect your investment.

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